My last memories were of a battle that nearly ended the world. A clash between light and darkness. The hero exclaimed ” I will beat you for my friends.” After being bored for so long a controllable smirk appeared on my face, as i got off my throne. I was rather excited for this battle, almost waiting a thousand years for it. However he was weak. His attacks barely hurt me, his magic was pathetic and his allies worthless.

However not one of them stayed down, No matter how much magic i threw at them. No matter how many times i tried to crush them. The fire in the heroes’ eyes wouldn’t go out. For a battle that raged 5 days and moved almost through the whole continent. On the last day i was finally struck down after thousands of attacks had assaulted me. My impression of it was that it was quite impressive, they channeled their powers together into onee fatal hit. I laid on the cold floor which was now my death bed.

Satisfied with the battle, i tried to compliment the heroes however all i did was spit up blood. I felt my limbs go numb i finally closed my eyes for the time after a thousand years of existing. However as the light faded from my eyes a bright light shone around me and i felt my body regain strength.

Then the world around me turned bright and when my eyes had adjusted. An angel had appeared before me, with bright pink hair and beautiful wings behind her. Had i ┬ástill been alive i would have made her my mistress. She looked into my eyes and spoke. “Hero though your life may had been hard. would you take it upon your self a new adventure a new world to save?” I thought of her to be insane but again smirked and nodded. Then all turned dark and before i could adjust i awoke.

Hello world!

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